Reflekterande komposition – musikens emancipation?
Reflecting composition – the music´s emancipation?
(Masters degree work in composition 2007-2009)
This work is a personal reflection on music and composition from an aesthetical and philosophical standpoint. My starting point was the somewhat vague question if I, through reflection, could find ways to emancipate the music. Soon I found myself quite freely elaborating the idea of art as a transcendental phenomenon. The focal point has been the dichotomy between reason and emotion. My aim has been to explore how they nevertheless in fact are dependent on each other in both the experience and the making of music and art and how they are active in a certain aesthetical intuition which I call the non-conceptual understanding. As the work progressed I slowly turned away from the idea of emancipating the music through reflection to the idea of emancipating the music through a certain kind of listening. This listening concerns myself and my sensibility – listening – to the music as well as the idea of creating a music that is listening to itself. Through these modes of listening I hope to bring the music towards a dialogical state where the music explores itself expressed by the quality of uncertainty and openness. Since this is a quite abstract topic my method has been to approach these questions by incorporating different kinds of texts; some personal, some poetic and some reasoning. My hope is that the work, through these different kinds of texts, together with my own and other music, will express, deal and finally shed some light on the questions that are presented in the work.

(Notes: The work is in Swedish. If you would like to have all of the music contained in this work, please contact me.)